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Matthew Harvey Fine Art
People Portraits, Pet Portraits, Equestrian, Wildlife, Motor Sport, Landscapes and Seascapes
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About Matthew Harvey the artist...

Self Portrait.

The early days…
From a young age I had a curiosity with images especially cartoons. Whenever my sister was given the responsibility of looking after she would very often take me to the local library and to keep me entertained find some cartoon books and ask me to copy my favourite characters. Very often this would be of
Disney characters & animated characters from TV shows of the time.

School life…
School presented structure to art and the discipline of creating art that ‘others’ required, although sometimes frustrating it was nice to show the skills I had. At the age of 10 I won my first art competition with a trip to a theatre and to be presented with my prize on stage by the cast. Secondary School and College I focused on media studies which included Photography, Video and Sound Recording.

A career in art was merely a pipe dream until my first job as a Cabinet Maker was ended in the early nineties by redundancy. Leaving me very short on cash for Christmas. A decision to create a couple of portraits for family that year soon translated in to the best form of advertising - word of mouth - and before I knew it I was being supported by friends and family spreading the ‘word’ of my talents. The decision was made to do things for myself and I set up my art business and earned a living as a professional artist for six enjoyable years.
With the arrival of our first daughter (also now a very talented artist) meant the often seasonal income from my art not being enough to survive. I was ‘forced’ to seek as many people class ‘a proper job’.
For many years I have been a graphic designer with a very strong practical and technical background in the print industry, so never really drifted too far from being creative and I believe has given me exceptional knowledge of another side to art and design.

The future…
I really hope for the future that you my audience, enjoy my work and most of all enjoy anything I may create for you be it a bespoke commission or one of the many prints that are available on my website. Enjoy.

Self Portrait by artist Matthew Harvey